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Berta Moya, PhD

Carbon Removal Sourcing and Methodology Development

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Finding appropriate solutions to environmental challenges around the world has been a common theme in Berta’s studies and career. A multicultural upbringing and an innate sense of curiosity gave her the tools and curiosity to explore the world from a young age and forge a strong international experience. For the past 10 years she has implemented projects and carried out research in all continents in the water, food, waste and energy nexus. Her studies in biochemical and environmental engineering led her to discover a real passion for waste, how to avoid it and how to create value from it. This led her to enter the biochar industry almost 4 years ago, after completing her PhD in Environmental sciences at Cranfield University. Biochar spiked her interest in carbon removal approaches and carbon sinks, which she is excited to explore further at Carbonfuture.