Make Your Mark, for a Better Tomorrow

Carbonfuture is actively removing carbon from the atmosphere, ensuring a just and liveable future for generations to come. We have ambitious goals and are looking for forward-thinking and courageous people to help us maximize our impact. That’s where you come in.

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Thriving Together

Carbonfuture is working at the cutting edge of climate crisis mitigation, enabling companies and institutions worldwide to realize their net-zero goals with the highest-quality carbon removal. As part of our team, you have the ability to actively shape this vital pathway, while doing what you do best in your day-to-day work: real contribution, real impact. At the same time, the challenge of changing the world can weigh heavy, which is why we draw strength from community. With regular in-person team gatherings, we prioritize the transformative energy of human connection to make sure our unwavering pursuit of impact remains sustainable.


We have offices in Germany, Switzerland and the US

Shared Goals,
Diverse Backgrounds

We recognize that people are at the center of solving the climate crisis. We share a dedication to purpose, are courageous, fair and open-minded. We think outside the box and take ownership of what we do. But to solve one of the biggest threats to humankind, we need an array of perspectives and varied backgrounds. That is why diversity and inclusion empower us. In other words: What makes Carbonfuture different, is what makes you unique. Let’s fight climate change, together.

Work at Carbonfuture

At Carbonfuture, groundbreaking ideas to fight the climate crisis come to life. Bring passion and dedication and there is no telling what you could accomplish.

Continuous Development

In your role, you will take on full responsibility. You will have a steep learning curve, significant exposure, and visibility with key stakeholders.

Excellence for Scale

You work in a team of highly skilled, ambitious professionals with direct interaction on eye level and short decision paths.

Agile Environment

We work in an agile manner against clearly defined objectives, welcoming change, innovation, and process improvement. The only way to solve a problem at a scale never seen before, is to think outside the box.

Dedication to Purpose

Our company's goal is to mitigate the climate crisis, the creation of trust is the basis of our services. We are courageous, open-minded, fair, and we simplify complex concepts and ideas.

Planetary and Mental Health

Enjoy a wide range of benefits such as flexible working hours, 30 days of holidays for full-time employees, focus on mental and physical health, support to set up your home office, co-working options for remote employees, and health insurance for our US colleagues.