The Most Comprehensive MRV Solution for Durable Carbon Removal

Carbonfuture MRV+ is the cutting-edge, data-powered monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) solution that brings trust to every stage of the carbon removal process.

Carbonfuture MRV+ seamlessly integrates the entire lifecycle of carbon removal, from the initial project support and due diligence to robust tracking, third-party verification, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Carbon Removal Supplier Services

From project inception to navigating certification requirements, Carbonfuture MRV+ provides CDR suppliers with comprehensive support to ensure their carbon removal projects succeed. Our Carbon Removal Supplier Services help them gain access to carbon finance and scale their climate impact more quickly by supporting them in the certification of their facilities under a third-party Standard. For companies developing novel carbon removal approaches, our Catalyst program provides access to a network of scientists to help navigate the intricacies of MRV, certification, and credit generation.

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Due Diligence

Our meticulous Due Diligence process encompasses rigorous fact-checking and assessment of both carbon removal suppliers and their specific projects. The process incorporates established criteria from respected third-party Standards as well as practical buyer considerations, including financial viability, project feasibility, climate justice, and scrutiny of project-related reputational concerns. This approach ensures the upstream quality of projects before they enter the tracking and certification stage, ultimately contributing to the assurance that only the highest-quality carbon removal credits are offered on the Carbonfuture Marketplace.

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Carbon Removal Tracking

Carbon Removal Tracking is crucial to accelerating durable carbon removal to climate-relevant scale because it ensures transparency of carbon removal activities and supports net-zero claims by establishing accurate digital records of long-term storage, accountability, and value creation. This data-driven approach empowers suppliers of durable carbon removal to generate carbon removal credits based on the certification requirements of established third-party Standards in a streamlined way. For carbon removal buyers it provides a complete look-through from the carbon removal credit to the supplier’s carbon removal activities.

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