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Carbonfuture and Partner to Accelerate Scaling of Durable Carbon Removal

Carbonfuture, the pioneering Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal, announces a partnership with, a leading carbon removal standard and registry, growing its ecosystem of third-party standards for durable carbon removal with the addition of the Puro Standard. With the integration of certified projects into Carbonfuture MRV+ and Carbonfuture Marketplace, Puro-certified suppliers now have the ability to access the largest carbon removal marketplace to sell their credits to buyers seeking verified, high-quality carbon removal credits.

The Puro Standard for engineered carbon removal methods in the Voluntary Carbon Market provides science-based quantification methodologies for durable carbon removal technologies, such as biochar carbon removal, carbonated materials, and enhanced rock weathering. The resulting CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) are issued in the Puro Registry where their complete lifecycle is tracked and recorded from issuance to retirement. With the endorsement by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), the Puro Standard has become the first ICROA endorsed Standard for durable carbon removal. Since many buyers adhere to the ICROA Code of Best Practice when purchasing carbon credits, this boosts buyer confidence.

As the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal, Carbonfuture has created the essential technological infrastructure that makes carbon removal trustworthy and scalable. Today, the Trust Infrastructure consists of two products that connect the entire carbon removal lifecycle: Carbonfuture MRV+ and Carbonfuture Marketplace. Carbonfuture MRV+ provides a seamless end-to-end supplier experience - including Carbon Removal Supplier Services, Due Diligence, and Carbon Removal Tracking, while Carbonfuture Marketplace, underpinned by data-driven tracking and third-party certification, enables suppliers to unlock market access to buyers seeking verified, high-quality carbon removal credits.

The partnership between Carbonfuture and encompasses two crucial aspects: Firstly, the integration of the Puro Standard with Carbonfuture's Carbon Removal Tracking, a prerequisite for all credits sold through the Carbonfuture Marketplace, will facilitate the sale of CORCs through the Carbonfuture Marketplace. The integration empowers suppliers to seamlessly track their carbon removal efforts, ensuring a complete digital record of the carbon removal activities leading to durable carbon storage, and guaranteeing the resulting carbon removal credits achieve the highest levels of quality and reliability. Secondly, Carbonfuture's Carbon Removal Supplier Services will guide CDR suppliers through the necessary steps to achieve certification under the Puro Standard.

The partnership between and Carbonfuture is based on their shared commitment to diverse technologies for durable carbon removal. It uniquely combines Carbonfuture's technological infrastructure, ensuring transparency and quality in the carbon removal process, with's leading Puro Standard in the carbon removal market, which focuses solely on durable CDR and boasts over 120 registered carbon removal suppliers.

"We are excited to partner with to advance the scale of durable carbon removal. Integrating the Puro Standard and Registry with Carbonfuture MRV+ and Carbonfuture Marketplace will empower CDR suppliers to seamlessly navigate the certification process and expand market access, while providing buyers with the assurance to confidently purchase carbon removal credits.", said Hannes Junginger-Gestrich, CEO of Carbonfuture.


"Carbonfuture’s Carbon Removal Tracking offers additional transparency of the carbon removal process from gate to grave, confirming alignment with the Puro Standard methodology requirements. Furthermore, as a testament to our ongoing commitment to expanding CORC distribution capacity, we are delighted to see the integration of certified projects in the Carbonfuture Marketplace.", said Antti Vihavainen, CEO of


This partnership reinforces the importance of collaboration across the CDR ecosystem and the significance of quality and transparency in the carbon removal industry. By uniting efforts, and Carbonfuture ensure carbon removal becomes an effective solution to address the climate crisis and accelerate the transition to net-zero.

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