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CEEZER and Carbonfuture Simplify Access to High-Quality CO2 Removal Projects Through Their Partnership

CEEZER, a digital platform that provides companies with easy, secure, and direct access to high-quality CO2 projects, announces its strategic partnership with Carbonfuture, the pioneering Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal. Through this collaboration, CEEZER will seamlessly integrate Carbonfuture’s carbon removal projects into its platform, enabling its customers to directly access Carbonfuture’s extensive inventory of high-quality, durable carbon removal credits.

The Significance of CO2 Removal Projects

Addressing climate change requires more than just reducing CO2 emissions; effective CO2 removal is essential. To meet the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement and limit global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius, substantial amounts of CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), approximately 60 million tons per year should be removed by 2030. Achieving net zero relies on the removal and long-term storage of CO2 using various carbon removal technologies.

Carbonfuture provides just that - portfolios of high-quality, durable carbon removal projects that have gone through the rigorous Carbonfuture MRV+ process which ensures the highest standards of quality and reliability. The integration of Carbonfuture’s CO2 removal projects into CEEZER’s digital platform enables project owners to gain faster access to carbon removal buyers, while buyers can confidently scale up their carbon removal investments to deliver on their sustainability plans.

As the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal, Carbonfuture has created the essential technological infrastructure that makes carbon removal trustworthy and scalable. All credits available on the Carbonfuture Marketplace have undergone a rigorous due diligence and tracking process, certified by established third-party Standards, ensuring their quality and trustworthiness.

Complete Automation of the Offering 

An important part of the collaboration involves using Carbonfuture's API to automate processes. Additionally, a new feature on CEEZER's platform enables carbon removal buyers to create long-term automated purchase agreements, streamlining contract handling and ultimately ensuring a steady supply of carbon removal over multiple years.

“We are excited to make access to high-quality and permanent CO2 removal even easier, faster, and safer in collaboration with Carbonfuture,” says Magnus Drewelies, Founder and CEO of CEEZER. “By providing access to Carbonfuture’s extensive portfolio, we offer our customers even more opportunities to acquire high-quality CO2 removal projects. With already over 50% of the directly tradable credits from this scarce product category, we provide our customers with the largest selection available. As part of the European ecosystem, we are setting new standards for direct integration, enabling companies to make an even more effective contribution to new climate technologies.”

Hannes Junginger-Gestrich, Founder and CEO of Carbonfuture, emphasizes: “CEEZER and Carbonfuture are united in their commitment to high-quality carbon removal powered by data and technology. The integration of Carbonfuture's extensive portfolio of carbon removal projects, meticulously vetted through the rigorous Carbonfuture MRV+ process to ensure the utmost quality, and CEEZER's advanced digital platform, enables corporate buyers to make their carbon removal investments with confidence, while suppliers benefit from the expanded market access.”

The partnership between CEEZER and Carbonfuture represents a significant step for the CO2 removal industry in offering a globally leading solution for companies and facilitating investments in highly effective climate action. 

Take confident climate action today with Carbonfuture! Get started.

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