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The Carbonfuture Platform API

Our carbon removal tracking platform is growing continuously and with that, we see more and more user requests every day. Currently, our existing user interface guides the user through the process of tracking carbon from the air to the ground, step by step. But when analyzing this user behavior on our platform and thinking about how we can make our users’ lives easier, we realized there was a need to automate parts of the process. Users were asking for a scalable API which would allow them to integrate with our platform seamlessly.

Your wish is our command: With our newly publicized API, we bring the automation of carbon removal tracking for our customers to the next level. The API endpoint can be retrieved by the client with a low latency from their system without any human interaction. This means, that our customers can now trigger events on the Carbonfuture platform from their own environment. Not needing to leave their familiar environment, the experience is truly seamless. Furthermore, large datasets can be synced between systems without manual work.

We started our implementation with the most relevant API endpoints, allowing our users to work with carbon removal projects and credits. Users can now order a specific amount of credits, transact and retire them, while listing the connected removal projects. This way, our users can automate working with credits and integrate our services into their own workflows.

Our client Swiss Helicopter is already using the Carbonfuture API successfully in order to offer carbon neutral flights to its passengers. The passenger can easily calculate how much CO2 needs to be compensated for and then, with just a few clicks, buy carbon removal credits directly on the Swiss Helicopter website when booking their flight.

Having started with the most relevant API endpoints, we now plan to expand our API offering further with the next endpoints already in development. We will provide a scalable way to work with packaging units. Most of our biochar producers fill the biochar into big bags which results in a lot of data points over time that need to be synced between systems. The API will make that possible.

To start with scalable carbon removal today, sign up here and check out the API documentation.

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