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Leila Toplic

Chief Communications & Trust Officer

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Leila is the Chief Communications and Trust Officer at Carbonfuture, responsible for leading the company's global brand, marketing, and communications strategy, while fostering sector-wide collaboration to build global trust, at scale, for the carbon removal market. With over two decades of experience in the business and social impact sectors, Leila has held leadership roles at NetHope, a nonprofit consortium of 65 global NGOs, and Microsoft, where she led communications across its global marketing organization. Her proven track record includes driving successful communications and go-to-market strategies for products serving over 1 billion people globally. In addition to her extensive communications experience, Leila also brings expertise in multi-stakeholder partnerships, technology ethics and human rights, and business strategy. Her expertise in digital trust and technology ethics is essential to Carbonfuture's value proposition of providing trustworthy carbon removals through its end-to-end digital platform, spanning supply, tracking, and trading.