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Tanner Felbinger

Carbon Removal Sourcing Manager

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We have to prioritize innovative and engaging solutions to help solve climate change - I believe biochar and other carbon removal techniques are today‘s solution to meaningfully create a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow.

Tanner‘s interest in the voluntary carbon market originally stemmed from a deep curiosity in environmental and social sustainability. She studied entomology and sustainability studies at the University of Florida, where she first felt inspired to contribute to creative solutions to help solve the climate crisis. She specifically began to engage in how insects, the most fundamental but often-ignored building blocks of biodiversity and ecosystem health, can be integrated into the climate change mitigation conversation. Once finishing her studies at Florida, she decided to widen her personal and professional scope and move to Germany to discover a different world view. She completed a Master‘s in environmental sciences at the University of Freiburg, where she further explored social motivations and crucial factors surrounding climate change in environmental education programs for children. Tanner joins Carbonfuture with an appetite to engage and educate those who want to join the carbon removal conversation. She believes that Carbonfuture‘s carbon removal projects combine an intelligent blend of environmental and social sustainability to make a substantial impact to bettering the planet.